Presenting a letter of appointment to the new Emir

Kano State Governor, Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso, announced the selection of Sanusi as the new Emir on Sunday following the submission of the list of nominated candidates for the post to him by the kingmakers the previous day.

The turbaning …

Less than a month before facing reelection

On Monday, poncho clad potato farmers in the highlands and sombrero wearing coffee cultivators near Medellin blocked traffic cheap christian louboutin shoes along key roads and organizers promised escalating disruptions.

Near the town of Tunja, about 93 miles northeast of the … Read More »»

Travellers from Australia

There are airport buses running on two slightly different routes operated by CentroPuerto (Ch$1350 one way) andAbercrombie sale uk TurBus (Ch$1450 one way) (see [4]) which both go to the city centre, with Centropuerto running every 10 minutes and TurBus … Read More »»

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